Are You Ready to Start Your Own Company?

These are 10 real questions that you should STOP & ask yourself honestly before deciding to go out on your own.  All you're doing is trading one boss, for many - your customers!

1. Leadership: Do you think of yourself as a leader? (Can you identify issues, problem solve, inspire others to be self-starters)  Do others see and respect you as a leader? (Do others respond positively)

2. Have you capitalized your business?  (Do you have cash and credit available to ride out the time between when bills are paid, and your customer/client pays?)

3. Decision Making: Do you enjoy making your own decisions? (How do you handle pressure of possible making the wrong choice?)  Do others seek your advice in making decisions for themselves? (Are you able to listen and respond appropriately?)

4. Do you have a clear idea of what your business will be?  (What are your strengths?  Who is your competition?  What makes you/your idea unique?)

5. Are you confident? (Not to be confused with inflexible, see #8.  Don't confuse strongly held opinions with being strong.)

6. Are you hard working/know when to delegate? (Do you know the difference between busy and productive?)

7. Do you thrive learning new things? (Do you approach with an attitude of willingness, or that you already know?)

8. Are you flexible? (see #5)

9. Can you stay focused in the face of adversity? (i.e. tight cash flow, tolerance to risk, vendor/employee/customer conflict)

10. Do you work well with others? (No really, do you? Because vendors, employee and customers count as "others.")

If you have answered these ten questions, and still feel you are ready, your next step is to contact me to set up a free consultation. 


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