It’s Monday and you mean business

Think Small to Get Business.

How small do you have to be to qualify for the services, loans and grants offered by the federal government?   The Small Business Administration (SBA) responsible for administering these programs and services is proposing to change the way "small business" is defined.  Currently, it is defined by the size of either annual revenue of less than $7 million or number of employees: 100 for wholesale trade companies and 500 for retail trade companies. 

Under the new proposed maximums, which would expand to include professional, scientific and technical services sectors, including law firms, accounting firms, computer design services, and architectural and engineering companies and advertising agencies, revenues could be as much as $10 million. 

So, if your business is already strong, you can make it stronger through these ready resources.  If you don't take advantage of them, I guarantee you that your competitors will.  Don’t hesitate to think “small” such that your company can achieve stability in a volatile marketplace.

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