"I find it interesting that the meanest life, the poorest existence, is attributed to God's will, but as human beings become more affluent, as their living standard and style begin to ascend the material scale, God descends the scale of responsibility at a commensurate speed."  ̶ Maya Angelou¹

It's not always fashionable, let alone advisable to dare to bring up the notion of God, particularly in a business posting.  But there, above this text is a beautiful quote.  You might ask, why it appears here?  One's belief or disbelief, or doubt in God is amongst the three topics one ought to avoid with strangers, sex and politics rounding it out.  However, what I do for a living means that, if I am your attorney, we will discuss some uncomfortable things. So here, in this business blog, I will discuss the above quote, what it has to do with my approach to my law practice, and yes, spoiler alert, there may be some mention of God.

Now that the caveat is out of the way:

My clients, although at present with weeks into my practice after my maternity leave, is a modest group, are all different, whether from a variety of backgrounds and heading in disparate directions.  Some are start-ups, filled with all the passion and drive to get their business going.  Others are families, seeking to be prepared for the inevitability of death (I'll leave taxes to another attorney's practice, thank you).  Some are both, making sure that should their inevitable demise be before that of their business, that their business and family has the necessary arrangements that the loss of their labour and leadership at the helm of the business, and the ascension of grief upon a family isn't complicated and burdened by unravelling details of an un-organised estate facing the one-size fits all statutory presumptions.

I often see people at their finest, optimistic at the start of a company, or pulled together and ready for the oft unpleasant task of making arrangement for when they die.  However, much of what we are preparing for, by nature of any attorney's job, is to prepare for inevitabilities and strife.  When, not if hard times occur, by no means having your business represented, affairs in order, is an attorney on retainer a guarantee in any way shape or form. In these difficult times, I have and am bound to be asked again, why, When life's trials happen, a business fails, or death arrives a breath too soon, why?

Maya Angelou's quote, is of course, taken completely out of context from her book I know why the caged bird sings.  However, in the context of meeting that commensurate responsibility, having a lawyer help you can be the critical difference between stepping up and succeeding, or wallowing in the why me.  Our role is to identify issues, offer options and resolution.

For example, starting a business can put your assets at risk, so taking time to formalize through incorporation, or organization as a limited liability company, can protect your personal assets.  That said, it's a major life event, and making sure your will reflects this change is imperative, even if you have a will.

If you find yourself in already in that dark hour, business collapsing, or a loved one's estate in disarray, or worse, both situations rolled up into one messy event, you may rail against God or God's existence, finding little solace in circumstances being God's will... know that you have the strength to carry this burden.  You may think that lawyers have a bad reputation being instigators of strife, but many in this profession, amongst whom I hope to be included, can be among the resources you can rely upon and turn to.  By knowing when to ask for guidance and  help, whether being prepared or coping with life's challenges, you can scale that additional level of difficulty that comes your way.

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¹ "I_find_it_interesting_that_the_meanest_life." Columbia World of Quotations. Columbia University Press, 1996. 01 May. 2011. <>.