Legal Fees

What are your Legal Fees?
You've come to realise you need someone in to help with your legal matter.  As with any purchase, whether for a product, or in this case, a service, it's always a good idea to know what you get and for what cost.  Lawyers get compensated one of three ways: a flat fee or fixed rate; an hourly billing; or a contingency fee.  There is no charge for our initial interview. I will quote you a fee once the issues involved are understood, if it is in an area where I can be of assistance, and if I agree to accept you as a client.

Flat fee or fixed rate billing is where the exact price of the services is specified ahead of time. Drafting documents, such as Articles of Incorporation/Organisation, Wills, or  Healthcare Directives, are done on a flat fee basis. The client knows the cost of the work to be done and agrees to it before any work begins. There are no additional charges for phone calls, meetings, or updates on that specified service.

Hourly billing is sometimes used in some matters such as contract review, new matters, Probate, etc. where the amount of time needed to provide the service is quite variable.  My current hourly rate is $100 per hour.

I do not accept contingency fee cases. This type of fee arrangement is typically used in personal injury lawsuits.

Is there anything you can do to reduce my legal costs?
Yes, there are several cost-cutting methods available to you. First, answer all questions fully and honestly. It will save time and help me help you better.  Remember that the ethics of the profession bind me lawyer to maintain in the strictest confidence almost anything you reveal during your private discussions. It is particularly important to tell your lawyer facts about your case that reflect poorly on you.

How can you pay for services?
Payment for services rendered can be by cash, check or charge:

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