What is Nancyesq?

Nancyesq is the brainchild of conversations with my husband JJ.  I am the kind of attorney who does what she says, says what she does and documents it.  The manner in which I represent my clients is unique, whether in my willingness to meet at someone's home or office, to where my office is - desk surfing at my husband's propaganda machinery, Meme-tech, thrilled to have the low overhead and get to see him without having to be parents first, or on a special date night.  I'm frugal when it counts, and choose how to spend my time and resources carefully.  Everyone has "stuff" happen; those little foibles to big gaffs, the frustrations to epic events. I've had my share!  Put me on your side of the negotiation table and take on an ally to handle those situations. Need a lawyer who knows when to listen and understand?  It's not only what I do, it's the only way I know how to operate.  Together we can handle what business and life tosses your way.

¹Nancyesq: adj ˈnan(t)-sē-'esk\: of, relating to, or being in the legal style of Nancy.  Origin: French*.  First Known Use: 2011.  Other Nancy style terms: determined, professional, resourceful, and creative.

* Hello, my name is a city in France and maiden name, Moïse, is French.